Judiciary Committee (JC)

Questions for the JC ?

The JC is a supervisory body comprising a Chief Justice and two Justices. The members do not have a vote in the EC, but they do in the GA.

The JC also is responsible for free and fair conduct of COGS elections.

The JC meets and decides on petitions or complaints as and when necessary.

The current Chief Justice's term ends 30th June 2019.

Both the current Justices' terms end 30th June 2020.

Ramya Sivaraj

Chief Justice


Ramya is a doctoral candidate in STEM Education, with the department of Curriculum and Instruction in CEHD. She is also a parent of a 3 yr old & a 9 yr old, which adds much perspective to her work and philosophy. She has taught science at the middle school level and undergraduate level, and is very interested in exploring pluralistic possibilities, including the creation of non-hierarchical, reciprocal learning communities.

Robert Kreml



Robert is a PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Technologies. He aims to help make education more accessible to people around the world and integrate technology to improve the quality as well. In his free time, he enjoys video and board games, as well as cooking or baking.

Derek Batiste



Derek is a III year graduate student in Chemistry. He is a member of the Hillmyer group and his research focuses on sustainable polymers. Prior to graduate school, he was a chemist in the personal care/cosmetics industry.