Chartered Committees

Brett Heischmidt

Chair: Mental Health Committee

Mental health affects many of us -- about one in five adults. The advertised care options such as Boynton Health, however, may not be sufficient for all graduate students. The goal of the COGS Mental Health Committee this year is thus to find the full range of on- and off-campus mental health care options available through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan, and to appropriately disseminate this information to the graduate student body.

Harrison Frisk

Chair: Graduate Student Incomes Committee

Curious how your stipend stacks up? So is COGS! The newly formed Graduate Student Incomes Committee will be investigating stipend and fee levels across colleges for TAs and RAs and comparing them to our peer institutions. If you're interested in getting involved, or just wondering where your salary comes from, be a part of this committee and help out!

Tommy Keller

Chair: Grad. Student Bill of Rights Committee

The University is a massive beast of an institution. Few people can wrap their heads around it alone. Throw in the responsibilities of studying, teaching, doing research, and trying to maintain a sane personal life, and it's easy to see how graduate students especially can feel overwhelmed. The COGS Bill of Rights Committee will work to compile the most relevant University policies affecting graduate students specifically. Your inputs are welcome and solicited.