Leadership and Program Representatives

COGS Leadership Team

The COGS Leadership Team is a group of elected graduate students who are responsible for the administration and organizational tasks required to run COGS. The Team consists of an Executive Committee (EC), a Judiciary Committee (JC), and elected Program Representatives (Reps) who are voting members in the General Assembly (GA).

The EC is a subset of the Leadership Team responsible for holding monthly meetings, voting during GA meetings, and conducting a majority of COGS administrative operations.

The EC consists of a Speaker who presides over meetings, and a Board of Directors who are voting members with fiduciary obligations. The President and Vice President of COGS, members of the JC, President of the Council of International Graduate Students (CIGS), and Associate Directors sit in as ex officio members.

The JC is a supervisory body comprising a Chief Justice and two Justices. The members do not have a vote in the EC, but do so in the GA. The JC also is responsible for free and fair conduct of COGS elections. The JC convenes and decides on petitions or complaints as and when necessary. All our justices are ex officio members of the EC as well.

General Assembly

The monthly GA meetings are where the EC, JC, Reps, and all COGS members (i.e. all COGS-fee paying graduate students at the Twin Cities campus) discuss and vote on issues that affect graduate students at the UMN. All GA meetings for the calendar year 2020 will be conducted virtually until further notice between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.

Program Representatives are graduate students who represent the interests of the graduate program of which they are a member. Every research-based degree granting program at the UMN Twin Cities campus is entitled to have a Representative who attends and votes at the GA meetings. The way in which this Representative is chosen is at each program's discretion.

If your program does not currently have a representative or if you are unsure your program is entitled to a representative, please contact Aidan Read (Director of Internal Relations).

Our GA chartered three "mission based" committees on 25th of September 2018, whose terms end on the 1st of July 2019. These committees are driven by an end-goal, and lead by a chairperson. All GA members are encouraged to go through the details of these committees and participate in fulfilling the mission of the committee(s) that resonate with them the most.