Preparing for your first GA meeting

At COGS, we use Robert's Rules to conduct our meetings. All program representatives sent to COGS through a process of the program's own choosing have a vote in the General Assembly (GA). However, all COGS-Fee paying students at the University of Minnesota have the right to participate, seek clarity, and discuss the issues on the GA floor.

You can find a comprehensive ready-reckoner of Robert's rules here, and more details including a short video, on our homepage.

Role of Program Representatives

Program representatives receive more detailed updates and emails regarding our issues. They also receive detailed GA agenda one week before the GA meeting. It is their responsibility then, to meet with their constituents or keep them informed of all the discussions and debates. Program representatives are liaisons between COGS and their constituents in helping COGS effectively communicate information to the UMN Graduate Student body. Please find your program representative and ask them to provide you with more information, should you need it anytime, to understand a particular issue. You could accompany your program representative, and can also sit-in as a substitute should they not be able to make to any of our GA meetings.