Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Who/what is COGS?

    • COGS is the registered graduate student government which represents the interests of students in research-based Doctoral and Master's programs across the University of Minnesota.

  • What are Robert's Rules?

  • What should I do to prepare for my first meeting?

  • Who should I contact to get involved with COGS?

    • If your program has a representative, you might want to ask them general questions. Otherwise, you can contact the member of the Leadership Team most relevant to your questions. Both can be found on the Leadership and Reps lists if you are logged into your University Google account.

  • How do I bring attention to an issue that is important to me?

    • You can contact the current speaker, Mattea Allert (, to discuss getting your issue put on the meeting agenda or evaluating the best way to address it. Please send your proposal at least two weeks ahead of a GA meeting.

    • You can submit your concerns using the "Graduate Student Helpline".

Contact Us:

(612) 626-1612

202 Coffman Memorial Union

Minneapolis, Minnesota


331 Johnston Hall

Minneapolis, Minnesota